Operation Smile and Our Medical Mission

If you are unfamiliar with Operation Smile, it is a non-profit, internationally recognized childrens charity that mobilizes a world of generous hearts and medical teams to heal children's smiles and transform lives across the globe. We offer surgery free of charge for cleft lip and palates through volunteer International Medical Missions in developing countries.

We (Mima and Olivia) will be away from the 19th through the 31st of March with a team of 70 people, made up of doctors, nurses, speech therapists, medical record keepers and more. We will be participating as student volunteers on the mission.

The primary role of a student on a medical mission is to Educate. We will be meeting hundreds of families and children everyday at the hospital or in local schools and orphanages. We will have the opportunity to give people presentations about Dental Hygiene, Oral Re-hydration, Burn Care, and Nutrition. We will also be spending time with children and families before their surgeries and after. We also have the opportunity to sit in on surgeries.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last post in aswan!

Hey everyone,

Today we are leaving Aswan. But we will be home by tomorrow at 4:00 pm!! We have an 8 hour layover in Cairo and we will be going shopping at the bazaar/souq/market there!! We are really excited about this, to see Cairo and we have heard the market there is really cool. Yesterday was the last day of surgery. 12 patients' lives were changed! They were all older patients who had lived about 20 yrs or more with this deformity. One boy looked in the mirror after his surgery and said, "That's not me..." He was stunned. This has been an amazing mission. We are so thankful to have had this opportunity. Can't wait to talk to you when we get home! We'll post pictures and more when we are home! Any questions about our trip? Don't hesitate to ask!!


Mima and Olivia

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  1. Hi Mima and Olivia!!
    It sounds like you all have had an amazing and wonderful experience! I feel fortunate just to know you two and be able to hear your stories first hand. I can't wait for you to get back and look at all the pictures and just chat! Good luck and safe travels back home.
    <3 Linnea

    p.s. I think it was a great idea to take a dip in the Nile. When will you get the chance to do it again!!!??? Plus it probably builds up your immune system ;)